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Hasan bey Zardabi

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Prince Harry's evolving, and at times testy, relationship with the press

19:30 15-05-2018
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle conducted their carefully choreographed engagement photocall back in November beside a lake in the sunken garden at Kensington Palace, Princess Diana's former residence, AzerTAC reports.

At the event, the media was forced to shout questions across the lake and strained to hear the responses. It seemed to serve as a metaphor for how the couple would like to deal with the media — from a distance.

Harry's relationship with the media has followed a predictable series of ups and downs as he navigated his teen years, joined the Army, traveled to Africa, and dated socialites before settling down with Markle, an American actress.

His current popularity has bought him some goodwill with the media, but his relationship with Markle has put both Harry and Kensington Palace's press advisers to the test.

The engagement triggered a feeding frenzy focused almost entirely on Harry's bride-to-be, leading Harry to draw the line after a British newspaper published a column about how Markle's "exotic" blood would thicken the royal line. It added that Markle's "dreadlocked" mother was "from the wrong side of the tracks."